ONE OF THE FINANCIAL PLANS YOU MUST PRIORITIZE, regardless of whether you have children or not, is the construction and possession of a heritage

Over the years, some institutions such as propertynews, the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI) and private companies, have shown us that the consumption of real estate in Mexico tends to an exact goal : the majority of Mexicans buy a property to inhabit the rest of his life and then inherit it from his children.

This becomes an easier path for the new generations, since, in the future, they will have the family heritage without knowing the importance of building their own. However, striving to achieve well-being in your own way, can give you more satisfaction than waiting for what your parents give you.

What is an estate?

This is a broad term, which acquires a different meaning according to its application, but in general, wealth refers to the assets that are in the possession of a person, real estate, vehicles, machinery, cash, shares, among others. .

It is important to note that an estate is not the same as a savings. When building an estate you must consider that this asset will generate an income, something that does not happen with the savings that, along with inflation and other conditions, lose their value. However, savings in conjunction with investment form a means of building wealth.

Importance of heritage on blue world city Islamabad

  • It gives you financial peace of mind.
  • Provides cash flow.
  • Grow your savings.
  • It promotes long-term well-being.

Many times it is thought that wealth is simply to inherit it in the future, or that a specific objective is needed to start saving and acquiring assets, however, that would only be functional if we could anticipate everything that will happen to us.

The importance of having an estate lies in the uncertainty of life, that is, because we do not know under what circumstances we will find ourselves in the future, an estate will function as insurance when we have an unforeseen event in which our financial stability is affected.

In addition, an estate will help to have financial flexibility not only in unforeseen cases, but also in life planning, that is, if you suddenly want to change jobs or cities, you can include your estate in your budget or, thinking of a far future, it will work as part of your retirement plan.

How to Build a Family Estate Buying a Home

Buying a house is one of the main actions that will lead you to start building your assets. Thanks to the capital gain and the flow of income they generate, the properties are an active part of your heritage assets.

It is important that you study your financial situation to know how you will obtain the property, whether in cash or through a credit. Once you have made this decision, you can begin to analyze the real estate offer . Consider your needs and the context of the property since it will help to generate surplus value in the future.

Having an estate is a way of having security regardless of whether you have family or children, therefore, we recommend that you start building your estate as soon as possible, what are you waiting for?