The short answer is that it takes a lot of time, but that wouldn’t make an interesting blog post wouldn’t it? Let’s dive deeper into the worlds kilts… and men’s fashion (gasp!) and see when it is appropriate and inappropriate to wear a utility-kilt.

An utility kilt, which is not made from wool, is made from heavy duty cotton. It comes in various neutral colors and patterns so that it can be worn on a variety occasions. It is important to remember that you don’t want “THAT” guy to wear the Camo Kilt to a wedding. Therefore, we have provided suggestions for the best kilt attire for different occasions.

1) Casual Wear

It is casual. It is casual.

Because comfort is key, the sky’s the limit in casual wear. Your Adidas Ultraboosts/flip-flops are the perfect accompaniment to your Electric Neon Orange Utility shirt (we don’t offer it). Only thing that may limit you are common fashion practices, but let’s be real, we’re wearing kilts so that won’t stop us anyway. Lol. Lol.

2) Wear it for work

It doesn’t really matter if your goal is to build a woodwork shed, fix up your car, or go on a long hike. The utility knife is at home in this area. No matter what your activity, utility is the key to your success. Your workwear should be functional over beautiful. Be prepared for whatever you are doing. If you’re outdoors, apply sunblock. Just a reminder.

Smart Casual Wear

Smart Casual can be described as a higher level of casual wear. Smart casual is a refined version of your casual wear but with more sophistication. A neutral-colored Utility Kilt could be worn with a tee shirt. You can also add a blazer or a long-sleeved shirt, such as chambray to elevate the kilt.

4) Business Casual

Wait …. You are not confused between smart casual and business casual?

It is true. Let’s face it, yes. While Business Casual is smart, casual and relaxed, it should still reflect professionalism. Consider it as if the occasion calls for a business casual look. However, you don’t necessarily need to wear a suit. With a blazer, would you wear your Metallica/Dragon force t-shirt? You wouldn’t, I don’t think so.

Nowadays, business casual has become the norm in modern offices. A sweater, or perhaps a blazer, paired with neutral-colored utility Kilts works well in a less formal setting. An oxford shirt is also a good option when choosing a shirt. For footwear. You won’t find the right footwear if you wear sneakers or boots. Wear loafers, brogues or derbys in matte leather for a more sophisticated look.

5) Business Formal

Okay, let’s go into more formal territory.

Even a basic button-down shirt won’t do at this level. Business formal can be used for meetings, corporate events, or any other conservative office setting. Business formal should be simple, smart, stylish, but also elegant. For business formality, you will need to wear appropriate attire. Maybe a dark-colored, high-lance suit. If you have to wear the kilt, be sure to choose a match for your tie and jacket. You should choose a shirt that is subtle in color or has a pattern. Avoid loud shirts for business casuals. Your standard Oxfords would be your best footwear choice. You can also use your bog-standard Oxfords as accessories. This is where simplicity is key.

6) Cocktail attire

This is a dress code that applies to evening events and parties.

You can’t be subtle with business formals. You’re trying to look great, not blend into the crowd. A slim-fitted jacket for a suit jacket would look great with a utility kilt. Cocktail suits need to be contemporary and tailored for nighttime. Yes, there is. Modern cocktail suits come in darker colors and have a higher sheen. I don’t expect that you’ll have a utility knife made from the exact same fabric. However, it’s a good idea if your suit jacket matches the utility knife. A sleek shirt, polished shoes, a sporran and a slim tie are all good options. Complete the look with a sporran, a slim tie and maybe a pocket square. To make you stand out, don’t forget to wear a kilt and go to a party.

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