Through our Facebook page of Faisal Hills we collect numerous doubts about online real estate marketing that concern real estate agents with a strong presence on the internet. Today we want to share with you one of these recurring doubts. What is web analytics for a real estate company? How can it be measured? and some web analytics tools. But, let us start at the beginning.

What is web analytics for a real estate?

The analytical term comes from the verb measure, something that at the dawn of real estate marketing was complicated. Nowadays, and since the internet records almost everything, measuring consumer behavior has become essential to optimize costs and increase profits.

However, we must warn you that normally digital analytics is often confused with real estate tools to measure, or what is the same, when someone hears the analytical word they usually think “Google Analytics”.

But let’s go in parts.

What can be measured?

The first thing you should keep in mind when making an analytical approach are the objectives of the real estate agency dealing in real estate Pakistan that you pursue. Growing sales is the ultimate goal of any real estate agency, but it depends on too many factors that are not only attributable to the digital real estate marketing strategy you are developing.

That is why it is more practical (and more realistic) to focus on the objectives attributable to each marketing action. For example, if the creation of a Facebook page aims to grow the community around the brand, one of the points we should focus on is the growth rate.

It would be logical to think that every online real estate marketing action you develop will have objectives and therefore some measurement indicators.

You already have the necessary data!

Time to measure

Something that not all specialists share is the need to have a basic knowledge of statistics to get started in digital analytics. However in Inmogesco we like to do things well, so we have thought to clarify certain concepts.

·         Shows

Group of people taken as a reference to measure the behavior of a wider population. In the case of web analytics, our sample will be all those who interact with the brand through the medium in which we measure (social networks or Sky Marketing Islamabad website ).

·         Parameters

Also called indicators, they are the numbers that help us summarize the behavior of a sample. For example, height, income level and number of children are parameters to study the population of a country or region.

·         Half

Sum of the data of a certain parameter divided by the number of elements of a parameter. For example, if we affirm that the average number of visits to our website is 1,000 people per month, we are adding all daily visits and dividing them by the number of days in a month.

Digital Analytics Tools

Having clarified these basic concepts, we can only recommend tools that will allow you to measure and draw conclusions. With them you can make decisions to optimize your online real estate marketing actions.

Always remember that correctly interpreting this data is vital to know if the actions follow the path you want and meet the objectives set.

Google Analytics

It is undoubtedly the best tool to know the behavior of your website, although not the only one. There are other free alternatives with similar benefits. If you want an analytics guide for beginners , BlogPocket has one.

Facebook Insights

Within your Facebook page you can access the statistics section. In it you will find the behavior of the users, the publications that work best, etc …

Twitter Insights

The social network of the bird also has its own statistics platform that allows you to know the scope of the tweets and the evolution of the account to know the main indicative.