Commercial carpet cleaning services provide businesses services. It provides the greatest consistency. Also provides the highest quality cleaning results in the industry. Carbonate lifts dirt and dust surface. Chemical Dry is ideal for commercial carpet cleaning. This process uses 80% of less water than typical steam cleaning. Commercial carpet cleaning removes the deep down dirt of these high traffic areas. It preserves bright appearance color of the carpet. Also increase the lifespan of carpet. There systematic cleaning using the best techniques and technology. Proper carpet care is a complicated part of commercial cleaning and facility management. There are different types of carpet cleaning methods. They excite the carpet with brush and followed by rinsing. These methods vary for different companies.

  • Hot Water Extraction Cleaning
  • Carpet Shampooing
  • Encapsulation
  • Bonnet Cleaning
  • Dry Carpet Cleaning

How it works?

Cleaning agent settles on the carpet for a short duration. Carpet cleaning help to wash the carpet with the equipment of a carpet cleaning.After that they finally leave to dry in a room. It can also dry in air conditioned temperature. The carpet leaves to dry overnight. After that the office operation can get back to normal the next morning.When unwanted spots appear on the carpet it also takes time to take off. The unwanted spot sometimes demand little extra attention. After cleaning they apply a professional strength to the carpet. Professional strength carpet protectors the carpet. It prevents the furniture to resist dirt, spills and wear and tear.

Shampoo carpet cleaning was popular until previous technology. Foam technology uses synthetic detergents as a base. It will crystallize into powder form when dries. The dirt particles in carpet fiber will later convert into powder. When the applied cleaning foam dries.It finally vacuumed or brushed when the foam dries after cleaning. The foam cleaning technology demands more by those who like using environmentally friendly products. There is less chemical residue left behind after cleaning compared to carpet shampooing. This cleaning method has not been able thorough clean heavy soiling carpet because of the technology’s limitation. Bonneting cleaning is popular in hotels. This gives a quick fix solution to clean carpet. The carpet dry quickly to prevent causing inconvenience to hotel guests. Bonneting does not clean carpet deeply dirt beneath the carpet. They would emerge back to the surface within the short period of time. Bonneting also tends to cause accumulation of chemical residue in the carpet. The heavy machine on the spinning pad pushes the applied chemical and remaining dirt into the carpet. Dry carpet cleaning is one of the latest cleaning technology in the market. There are many types of cleaning compound or powders developed in the market. Cleaning compound is typically made of biodegradable material micro-sponges. When there is a large amount of foreign material in the carpet to remove. Extraction with a wet process is required to remove dirt.A small amount of water is required for spin-bonnet carpet cleaning. It only cleans the top of the carpet. It is very fast for wide areas.