You have not yet registered on the Property news portal? Having an active account will allow you to be aware of all your progress as a beneficiary of the institute. Verify that your company’s contributions are current, check your savings available in the Housing Sub-account, check your Infonavit points and carry out some procedures online. Having access to this space is very simple, just take a few steps and you can enjoy its benefits, take note!

Infonavit frequently asked questions

  • How to know if I am a rightful holder of Infonavit
  • How to create an Infonavit account
  • How can I check my Infonavit balance?
  • Information that can be consulted in “My Infonavit Account”

How to know if I am a rightful holder of Infonavit

If you have a job with the labor benefits established by the Federal Labor Law, you have the possibility of accessing a program that facilitates access to housing such as Infonavit. To confirm this information, go to the human resources area of ​​your work or speak directly with your boss to find out which housing access program you are affiliated with.

In most cases, people enrolled in the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) are rightful claimants of Infonavit.

In the same way, you must ensure that your work situation is kept up-to-date when there is any change, whether you stop working in that company, your salary increases, you have a disability or you have retired. This way you will be aware of the modifications that the monthly payment of your mortgage credit will undergo.

How to create an Infonavit account

“My Infonavit Account” is used to ensure that you are informed about your credit and everything related to it. In addition, it allows you to carry out procedures and acquire online formats that will facilitate the application for a mortgage loan. To obtain your own account you simply have to follow these steps:

  1. Enter the Infonavi t portal , locate the button “My Infonavit Account” and click on it.
  2. Select the option “I want an account”.
  3. Enter the following three data: Social Security Number (NSS), Unique Population Registry Key (CURP) and Federal Taxpayers Registry (RFC).
  4. Confirm that your data is correct. It is very important that you review them carefully so that there are no mistakes.
  5. It provides contact details: cell phone, email, a password and 2 secret questions. Create a strong password, mixing capitals and numbers, and finally, select questions that you can easily remember. Click continue.
  6. Activate your account using a code that will be sent to your email or to your cell phone and end by clicking on “Activate Account”.

When you finish, you can enter “My Infonavit Account” and access all the services and facilities in park view city that this space offers you.

Source: Infonavit Portal

How can I check my Infonavit balance?

Once logged in, go to the left sidebar, select the “My savings” option and click on “How much savings I have”, there you will check the current balance of your Housing Sub-account. You can use this money in two ways:

  • Complement an Infonavit credit.
  • Use it at the time of your retirement.

The information you find will be updated at the moment, that is, the amount that appears in your Housing Sub-account is the one you have up to that date. If you want to calculate how long it will take you to raise that amount, go to “Savings calculator”, enter your current monthly salary and you will immediately get a breakdown of your income per year.

Consider that this calculation is subject to change, since your salary or employment relationship may change later.

How to check my Infonavit points

To check your Infonavit points, in the same sidebar click on the section “My credit procedure” and choose “Prequalification and points”. Here you can confirm if you have the prequalification to apply for a mortgage loan or how long is the estimate that you must wait until you reach the minimum number of points required.

Click on the button “I am interested in a credit” to check your current number of Infonavit points and the date on which you can make the request.

You will also see the options of “Savings to apply for a loan” and “Use savings as a guarantee”, basically, these are alternatives to start planning the process of your mortgage loan, as well as guarantees in case you lose your employment relationship while They have active credit and you need to keep paying.

Remember that to exercise your Infonavit credit, the home you want to buy, be it a house or an apartment, must accept Infonavit credit . To learn more about it, we invite you to inform yourself and learn through the tutorial videos provided by the institution.

Information that you can consult in “My Infonavit Account”

My profile. In this section you can modify your password, update your contact information, correct your RFC, associate your social security number (NSS) and associate with the institute to obtain rewards and discounts.

My savings. In addition to checking your savings in the Housing Sub-account, you can check the payment record of your current job, as well as the update of your employment relationships.

My credit. Once your mortgage credit is active, this section will help you to solve doubts related to payments.

Supports and benefits. In the event of losing your job or wanting to change to a better one, you can access from this portal the job board of the Secretary of Labor.

Contact. Any questions, complaints, procedures and follow-up can be found here .

Being well informed is essential to enjoy your mortgage credit without complications. If you are already a member of Infonavit, go to the Infonavit portal and know your account, what are you waiting for?