Let’s get into the situation: we come, for example, to a shoe store and browse, we try several models and sizes. There is a couple that convinces us and we decided to take it with us. “Accepted operation”, appears on the screen of the data phone: those shoes already belong to us. The nice clerk stretches out his arm and hands us the shoe box in a white, plain plastic bag …  “How strange, is not it? It is not that they have put a lot of effort in their image for the client … “it comes to mind.

You follow the commercial journey and while, you realize that the corners of the box begin to crack the bag inside … Lucky that in that other store they gave you a paper bag, with much more packaging, where they end up finally travelling the shoes. Does the situation sound like?

Of course, in this imaginary shoe store they have saved in terms of packaging, and sadly also in terms of customer service. The deal may have been very good, but we almost lost our shoes along the way. The last image we have is this … A good custom paper bag would have completed the circle and finished customer loyalty.

6 reasons to bet on custom paper bags

  1. They advertise free your brand

Thailand Packing is another support for your company to gain notoriety and “without paying for printing”. In addition, if the bag is of quality, the client will use it more than once , multiplying the effect.

  1. They serve to publicize special promotions

The bags are usually customized also following a specific seasonality and, in this way, communicate messages beyond the simple name or logo of the brand.

  1. Transmit confidence to the client

According to the Packaging Guide for ecommerce, “72% of consumers consider that attractive packaging increases the perceived value of the purchase”. A personalized bag consolidates a good brand image and transmits confidence and seriousness to the customer.

  1. There is a wide format of bags

The result is that you can find the one that best suits your product. There are with flat or curly handles and in different sizes and formats, such as the narrowest one, designed for wine bottles. And there are times that even the chosen form of bag is a way to personalize the customer’s shopping experience.

  1. With print you can customize them and preview the result online

This system is designed so that you can define the final design of the bag online. With a few simple clicks, you can choose the type of bag, the colour, the size and, most importantly, the message to be expressed.


The tool allows you to preview the result, with what you are sure about when placing the order. If you want to see a demonstration of how it works, in this video we leave you the keys:

  1. And now, customize your bags without extra cost

Of course, the option we tried at the beginning of the article was cheap … but it is also true that “the cost of acquiring a new customer is 7 times greater than the cost of loyalty. So best bag are must to make your product popular.