Give a name to the document. I usually call it”certReq” (Certificate Request) just so that I understand what it’s. If it already exists it is going to overwrite any current file.Click the Open button to select the document (it will be created if It Doesn’t already exist)

ssl certificate uk buy

Click Finish to complete the certificate request process

Component 2 — Submitting and creating the SSL certification Open the buy ssl certificate uk request file you created in Part 1

Select and copy the whole certificate (Ctrl + A or Cmd + A) and then Copy (Ctrl + C or Cmd + C) INCLUDING the –BEGIN NEW CERTIFICATE REQUEST–(and end) parts. Visit

Click on the Buy Cheap RapidSSL green button

  1. Pick the sort of SSL certificate you need to order (In this instance I am ordered a normal Rapid SSL Certification for #9.99. Click on the green Purchase Now button.Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 09.08.22
  2. Choose the length of time you wish the certificate to be valid for. Unless you would like to go through this process every 12 months (which makes very time-consuming when you have tens or hundreds to buy ), its best to go for the longest time-frame you can afford.

In this case, I am choosing 48 months, which can be just #35.96 at the time of composing.

Issuance Insurance: its own decision whether to maintain this or not, and depends on what you want. I turn Issuance Insurance off, in this instance. If you believe that you are going to move servers, then keep this on unless you know how to export certificates from one server to another (thats another tutorial in the future).

Click on Continue Enter all your contact info. Make sure you have access to this email address provided at this point you wont get the certificate. (I have not entered all my details from the screen-shot below yet)

Click on Continue

  1. Click on Submit newly created certificate signing request (I don’t know why they believe every word Requires a capital letter, but anyway)

Paste in your certificate that you copied in Step 1

Click on Continue You’re requested to verify the information. Click on Continue You need to confirm by receiving an email in the domain name that you have the domain . If you don’t have a mail server set up, the easiest way to do this is to simply set up a mail forwarder for your own email address (very Simple and free if you registered your domain name with )

Choose the email address to send the approver email to, and click Continue

  1. Read the subscriber agreement (has anybody ever read these?) Click Continue The affirmation information of what you’re ordering is shown. Scroll down and click on Continue
  2. Pay for the certificate. I always use PayPal, which makes the certification issuing process very quickly. However you cover, it always says.

Thats the internet (internet ) part done for today.

  1. Check your email (or the email address you choose at step 7 over if it doesnt ahead to your own email address). You’ll have an email from that asks you to visit a URL and Approve the certification. Click the link and click on I APPROVE
  2. Go get a cup of coffee tea or coke, check your email, play with whatever takes your fancy or Minecraft. It takes approximately ten minutes to your certification to be generated and it is then emailed to you.