Thanks to the right real estate marketing tools, it is not only possible to increase sales, but also to save time by automating the most mechanical processes. Do you want to meet them?

As in other areas, the purchase and sale of real estate has become a highly competitive sector. To be able to stand out among so many companies, we need to invest in real estate marketing tools .

Only in this way will it be possible to have a larger client portfolio for capital smart city

and, therefore, obtain more positive results when renting or selling properties. Using a good marketing strategy and adequate resources, it will not be as complicated to excel in the market as it may seem at first.

So what are the best real estate marketing tools to increase sales in this area? This is what we will learn in this article. Ready to become the best real estate agent?

  1. Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is more than a tool, it is more a model of strategy that involves different resources. It is a method that reverses the traditional sales order, based on the fact that it is the company that reaches the consumer through advertising.

In summary, we can say that the idea is to make the customer the one that the company looks for, instead of running after it. To achieve this, initially, it is necessary to invest in content marketing, producing materials for blogs, sites, YouTube channels and social networks, among other platforms.

Inbound marketing strategies are divided into four basic stages: attraction, conversion, sale and analysis. In each of them, some specific real estate marketing tools have to be used.

The idea is that people find your business when they are doing searches related to the matter. If you want to sell a property in La Macarena, Seville, for example, you can create a blogspot about the benefits of living in that neighborhood.

In this way, when you search on Google, a person interested in buying a property in the area will read it, and you can end up downloading a complete e-book on the purchase of properties of a landing page.

In order to download this e-book, it is necessary to register an e-mail, and it is right here where the flow of nutrition begins. The idea is to send a series of messages to interested users, so they feel close to you, and in the end, when you have to make a purchase decision, think about yourself and your business.

It is not something static but, from time to time, it is necessary to analyze the results and adapt the strategy as our needs become.

  1. E-mail marketing

As we have already mentioned, e-mail marketing is a basic piece of our inbound marketing strategy. The idea is that this tool be used to create messages and automate the sending of nutrition flows.

You can send strategic messages to sell the properties, working with persuasive titles and mental triggers so that the recipients end up reading your messages, as it is necessary that they stand out in some way in the middle of all the received daily.

There are some email marketing tools that are free, and therefore limited. With them, it is not possible to send an unlimited number of messages or attach images. When talking about the sale of real estate, images have a very important role, since it is a product with a strong visual impact.

  1. SMS

In the same way as e-mail marketing, it is also interesting to make our lead nutrition flows with SMS Marketing . Why? Because people, today, we use our mobile at any time of the day and to do any activity.

These devices have become an extension of ourselves, and sending SMS, due to this, is a very efficient action. For some customer profiles that do not have the habit of using e-mail, this tool tends to be one of the most efficient for real estate marketing.

  1. Push

If you have an app or site, you can also use the push tool . These windows that appear while the user is visiting the page, are an excellent way to highlight some information that we consider relevant. For example: it can be an invitation to receive our newsletter.

It is an excellent resource to capture leads, yes, use this technique carefully. An abusive use may impair the navigability causing the exit of our site.

  1. Automation

It is wrong who thinks that it is necessary to have a great team to use all real estate marketing tools. Currently, many of the actions we have commented can be done automatically. So is! It works as if you had robots working 24 hours a day for your business.

An automation tool allows the sending of e-mails and SMS messages, voice messages, push notifications, etc. Thus, if a customer is related to your business in some way, the flow of nutrition will start automatically.

  1. Social networks

Social networks, such as Facebook or Instagram, are also excellent tools for finding people willing to buy real estate. There are even groups that have this purpose.

By joining these groups and posting offers, you’ll be closer to the people who have an interest in your business. Therefore, if you upload photos of an apartment and its location, you can, right there, generate a business opportunity.

In addition, social networks are perfect for creating sponsored campaigns and thus reach more people with your publications.

  1. CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a management system that makes it possible to direct the relationship with customers in a practical and fast way. Thanks to it, all the information is centralized in one place, facilitating, and much, the work of real estate agent.

As we have seen, having the right tools is essential to stand out in a sector such as real estate, increasingly competitive, and increase our customer base.

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